How I Feel Saying Good Bye to My Paintings

How I Feel Saying Good Bye to My Paintings

الثلاثاء 9-09-2014


How I Feel Saying Good Bye to My Paintings My paintings are like my little children; making them go astray, go to strangers’ homes.  They get sold where I obtain money in return – pieces of paper with numbers on them,
in exchange for feelings, emotion, a life I lived … on Canvas, Certainly a bizarre notion.
I don’t like to give them up, and when I do, I look at photographs and miss them,
and wish I could see them again, but even if I keep them, they’ll increase in number,
bundle up In my little studio, till there’s no space for them, and they themselves
will eventually feel uncomfortable. I must let them go, live their lives in
other peoples homes, villas, apartments, galleries and streets,
and become simply a memory or life I once lived. Deena Fadel
Artist & Many Other Titles…..



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